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Sex crimes are some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in Stanislaus County. If convicted of most sex crimes, you will not only face a lengthy term of imprisonment and astronomical fines but also mandatory sex offender registration. Further, finding a job or getting into school will likely become extremely difficult. The bottom line is that if you’ve been charged with a Stanislaus sex offense, you need a skilled attorney on your side who is prepared to address every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you. At the Law Office of Rebecka A. Monez, our Modesto criminal defense attorney has extensive hands-on experience successfully defending clients against some of the most serious sex crimes, clearing their names and protecting their freedom.

Punishments for Modesto Sex Crimes

Those convicted of a sex crime in California face incredibly harsh penalties. While a sentence for a sex offense conviction varies depending on the specific offense, most are graded as felonies. For example, rape of someone 18 or older is punishable by up to 8 years in prison. However, if the victim was under the age of 14, the maximum term of imprisonment increases to 11 years, and if the alleged victim suffered great bodily injury, an additional three to five years will be added to the sentence. In addition, there are other sentencing enhancements that may apply, for example, if you used a weapon during the commission of the alleged offense.

Even sex crimes that are “less serious” can still result in severe punishments. Take, for example, indecent exposure under Penal Code § 314, which is generally a misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. However, if the offense involved entering someone’s home without permission, the maximum term of imprisonment increases to a year (in addition to any other criminal charges such as trespassing or burglary).

The California Sex Offender Registration System

In California, those convicted of certain sex offenses must register as a sex offender. There are three different tiers, each requiring a different length of registration.

Tier I Offenses:

Tier I sex crimes include inducing sex by fraud, sexual battery, oral copulation (misdemeanor), child pornography (misdemeanor) and indecent exposure. Those convicted of a tier I sex offense must register for 10 years.

Tier II Offenses:

Tier II sex crimes include incest, lewd acts with a minor under 14, rape or oral copulation when the victim is unable to give consent because of a developmental or physical disability. Those convicted of a tier II sex offense must register for 20 years.

Tier III Offenses:

Tier III sex crimes include sex trafficking, rape, murder or kidnapping committed during the commission of a rape, or aggravated sexual assault of a child. Those convicted of a tier I sex offense must register for the rest of their life.

Those who are required to register as a sex offender but fail to do so face additional criminal penalties.


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If you were recently arrested and charged with a sex crime, it is imperative that you work with an attorney who will take your case as seriously as you do. Regardless of whether the alleged victim indicates their unwillingness to come to court or testify against you, it is essential you are prepared for the fact that the government may proceed without their cooperation. At the Law Office of Rebecka A. Monez, we have a history of successfully handling even the most serious sex crimes. From the moment you bring us on board your case, we will fight hard for you, ensuring that your rights are protected at every stage of the process. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation today, call 209.554.6446 You can also connect with us through our online contact form.

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